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Merry Christmas From GorgeLink.Org!

GorgeLink is starting off the winter holidays with a new section of pages with embedded media from Archive.Org, mainly holiday movies for family watching, each with their own page up in here. There will be a link beneath each embedded movie to its page at Archive.Org where you can download it in the format best to your liking for holiday sharing or for loading up the viddy machine for those long trips to Grandma's house.

Dicken's A Christmas Carol in Prose, Being a Ghost Story of Christmas is a time tested holiday classic so the list will begin with a few versions, leading off with:

The Christmas Carol, as told by Vincent Price, in 1949. (25 min.)

A Jetson Christmas Carol (Run time: 21:57)

Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol (Run time: 52:11)

Blackadder's Christmas Carol (Run time: 43:18)

Holiday Specials

The Smurfs Christmas Special (Run time: 23:24)

The Munsters Scary Little Christmas (Run time: 01:29:30)

The Star Wars Holiday Special (1978) (Run time: 01:47:32)

A Scooby-doo Christmas (Run time: 21:20)

Charlie Brown Christmas (Run time: 25:45)

It's Christmastime Again Charlie Brown (Run time: 32:22)

Ziggys Gift Christmas (Run time: 24:27)

Pinocchio's Christmas (Run time: 49:15)

Yogi's First Christmas (Run time: 1:38:49)

Christmas Flintstone (Run time: 25:18)

He Man And She Ra Christmas Special (Run time: 44:28)

Christmas Classics

How the Grinch Stole Christmas! (Run time: 25:43)

The Snow Queen (Run time: 68:26)

The Littlest Angel (Run time: 1:17:17)

The Very First Noel (Run time: 23:55) voiced by Andy Griffith

The Little Drummer Boy (Run time: 25:13 )

The Little Drummer Boy Book II (Run time: 21:44)

Jack Frost (Run time: 48:14)


Frosty the Snowman (Run time: 25:26)

Frosty Returns (Run time: 22:54)

Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July (Run time: 1:37:03)

Santa Claus

The Year Without a Santa Claus (Run time: 50:40)

Santa Claus Is Comin' to Town (Run time: 50:44)

Santa and the Three Bears (Run time: 46:00)

The Life and Adventures of Santa Claus (Run time: 43:42)

Santa's Ninth Reindeer (Run time: 44:59)

Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer (Run time: 51:44)

Santa Claus (1959 Mexico) Directed by Rene Cardonna (Run time: 1:34:50)


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