Color Codes for Webpage Design


There is a plethora of colorpicker software for web page designers to utilize, but very few are cross platform. By creating an HTML "Ebook", I have a tool I can use to design and work on web pages on any system with a browser installed.

aqua (cyan) = #00ffff
black = #000000
blue = #0000ff
fuchsia (magenta) = #ff00ff
lime = #00ff00
red = #ff0000
white = #ffffff
yellow = #ffff00

The purpose of this ebook is to be a reference tool for webmasters, web page designers and ebook writers. It will discuss color values, but its primary purpose is to be used as a reference to visually select and copy color codes to paste into web page code instead of typing them in.

Browser Safe and String Literal Colors

Browser Safe Color Codes Chart

String Literal Color Codes Chart

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