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Webspinners are luckier these days.   Instead of having to rely on a large shelf of books about HTML, web design, and stuff related to creating and running websites the modern webspinner can now have everything right there on their computer desktop.   I created this eBook so I could have a couple of reference charts I could open and copy color codes from so I didn't have to go get a book off the shelf, look them up and type them in.

Cool Webworking Tools

Will Master has written a lot of great articles on topics about coding and running websites.   Will Master Rocks is an eBook I made online at WillMaster.Com on the Master E-Book Generator page where you can choose the subjects to put in your custom ebook and create an ebook out of assembled articles on the topics that you picked.  I picked them all and it's a cool reference of CGI, Javascripts and tutorials, html goodies and info galore for webbies. Download ours or go make your own. Make several, say one on CGI and another on javascripts or something. Have a 150 pixel logo ready for your front page link and go choose the articles you want in your custom copy with the stuff you want to make what you need at the time!   Since Master E-Book Generator is remotely hosted you can GET IT FOR YOUR SITE!


JavaScript Magic is a great ebook to have in any webmasters toolkit.   It starts with an HTML tutorial consisting of charts for basic HTML tags, HTML special characters, a full HTML - Web Safe Color Chart, and browser comparison (so you know what each version is capable of).  The book also has sections on CSS, Dynamic HTML, Java Script, Pop Ups, and more.

Internet Resources

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