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Willmaster Rocks! is an eBook Made online at WillMaster.Com on the Master E-Book Generator.

Will has been around for a long time and has written some excellent atricles about programming and tutorials that, like Joe Barta, were always fun as well as informative and educational.  Will's Master implementation of the E-Book Generator had about 179 articles to choose from.   Gooning on the potentials of the E-Book Generator, and stunned because it was available to use at no cost, I went for broke. Will added a few pages and WOW! What a nice desktop reference for a webhead!

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Master E-Book Generator allows you to put your own logo and a custom link.  Once your selections are made and you hit SUBMIT, the E-Book Generator starts compiling your ebook and lets you know it will email the addy you submitted when your order is ready for pickup.  Once you get your mail (ours was just a few minutes) there will be the link to download your ebook in zip format.  Just copy it into a new folder and extract the files into it resulting in an HTML ebook.  (Like a mirror site on your disc or hard drive.) Webmasters can sign up to add E-Book Generator services for their online audience for free! Imagine having your visitors make a customized eBook of your content while they visit you.   For writers with a healthy collection of aricles, helpware sites with loads of resources pages, artists and photographers with digital portfolios and schools building online libraries, the visitor can select what content they wanted/needed.

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